A dream realized, a neighborhood rebuilt.

Located just beside Greenfield Lake Park in downtown Wilmington, NC is a lovely Irish pub committed to bringing traditional Irish food and music to the Cape Fear area.

When native Irishman Val Cleary relocated to Wilmington in 1995 he longed for the authentic food and drink of his home in County Mayo. In 2010 a dream was realized when The Harp opened it's doors to the Wilmington community. It wasn't long before word spread of the excellent fresh and wholesome food, wide selection of drinks, and great times to be had by all!

The Harp is proud to be a part of this wonderful seaside community, and is equally proud to be a part of the revitalization and redevelopment of the Greenfield Lake neighborhood. Stop by today, order a pint, and make some new friends down at South Third and Greenfield!